As a Forbes contributor, I am often automatically contacted by people who are interested in moving to the United States and want to start a business. As you will see below, there are many benefits to having a US business visa.

How to Get a Business Visa for Portugal

If you are considering starting or expanding a business in Portugal, you may want to consider obtaining a business visa. A business visa is required for most types of businesses, including those with foreign investors. There are several ways to obtain a business visa, and the process can vary depending on the type of visa you need. BUSINESS VISA FOR USA

To get a work permit, your company must already have an existing Portuguese subsidiary or branch. To get a residence permit, your company must be investing in Portugal and employ at least five workers who are not Portuguese citizens. You may also qualify for a research and development residency permit if your company plans to invest more than €250,000 in research and development projects in Portugal over three years.

7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Portuguese Business Visa

A Portuguese business visa is a valid document that allows you to conduct business in Portugal. If you have a valid business visa, you will not need a work permit. Portuguese business visas are usually valid for one year and can be extended if required. The processing time for applying for a Portuguese business visa is usually around four to six weeks.

Pros and Cons of a Portuguese Business Visa

The Portuguese Business Visa is a popular visa for foreigners wanting to start or run a business in Portugal. There are some pros and cons to consider before applying for this visa.


-Portugal has a stable economy and is one of the most open countries in Europe, which makes it an attractive place to do business. AMERICAN VISA FOR PORTUGUESE CITIZENS

-The Portuguese Business Visa allows you to stay in Portugal for up to three years, which is longer than many other business visas. This gives you more time to make your investment work and grow your company.

-A Portuguese Business Visa is not permanent, so if your business fails or you decide to leave Portugal, you can easily apply for another visa or residency.

-The Portuguese Business Visa is relatively easy to get and does not require a lot of paperwork or extra money.


-There may be some language barriers when starting abusiness in Portugal, as the Portuguese language is not as common as other languages in the European Union. You may also have difficulty finding employees with the necessary skillset if you are not fluent in Portuguese.

-It can be difficult to obtain credit in Portugal if you are not familiar with the banking system, so be prepared to invest a large amount of money up front into your new business venture.


Portugal is a country with a rich history, and its business environment reflects that. With low tax rates, an excellent infrastructure, and a population that is bilingual and culturally diverse, Portuguese businesses have everything they need to thrive in today’s economy. If you are interested in starting or expanding your business in Portugal, be sure to get a Portuguese business visa.

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